Tangent Rocks!

Classic and Alternative Rock & Roll

There are places I remember...

Pazzo’s Grille / The National Hotel

Pineapple Larry’s

G.W.’s Tavern

Warwick Railroad Green

Florida Family Funfest
Middletown Festival Square

Mattingly's Tavern

Paramount Theatre

Mt. Peter Ski Resort

Clemson Brother's Gilded Otter

Olde Erie Brew Pub
Mt. Carmel St. Pat’s Party

Orange County Choppers

Downtown Tavern

Elks Club Fire Parade

HFMG Party
Dominics II

Fulton’s Folly / El Azteca



Warwick Tavern / McGarcia’s
Julie’s 30th

Deb’s 40th / Legion Hall

Kim’s 30th

Relay for Life

Paul’s 50th

Kristine's 50th

Kristian’s 40th

Pennings Party’s

Burke Reunion  / Owen Murphy Inn


Club NY

28 West  / Celebrations

Orange Inn

​Quinnz Pinz

Goshen Track

O.C. Fairgrounds
Freddie’s / Clock Tower

New Windsor Summer Concert Series

Florida Fire Dept. Halloween Party
Westbrookville Pond

Margaret’s House Finale

Uptown’s Blue Ribbon Grill New Year's Eve
Monticello Gaming & Raceway

Captain’s Table

Keltic House

Montgomery Band Stand Fund Raiser

Rambler’s Rest Monroe

Warwick Firehouse B-Day

Warwick Legion B-Day

John’s 40th St. Ed’s Hall

Maybrook Day

Heaven Hill Farm Christmas Party

​Mason Jar

Cove Castle Greenwood Lake

Palaia Vineyards

McGovern's Florida Bar & Grill

Cornwall Yacht Club Steak Bake


Michael Gailie, the lead singer and driving influence behind the band, was born at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.  After interning for three years with Jacques Cousteau, he moved onto Hollywood where he became an accomplished stunt man and body double for the highly acclaimed actor, Billy Barty.  Being unfulfilled throughout these years, he decided to delve into his hidden obsession: a garage cover band.  The success of this endeavor is only overshadowed by his ego.  Early influences of Cream, Foreigner, 70’s AM-Radio, CSN&Y, Elton John and The Banana Splits allowed him to develop the vocal chops that stun, amaze and dare we say entertain the undulating throngs that flock to the band’s monthly shows.  A devoted and loving father, this Physician Recruiter by day, Rock Star by night is satisfied by the fact that throughout the years and changes, the band is still what it’s always been; simple, easy, fun & a place to listen to blank C.D.’s next to the harvester.

Gary Rispoli was an airline pilot for DHL for over 30 years with a route over the Andes in Peru, after an acclaimed career working for the C.I.A.  This man’s back story is so secret, he won’t even repeat it to himself.  He had an opportunity to take his express flight package delivery cover, and parlay it into the Westchester County routes he traverses to this day.  He needed a new mainstream identity so bass player in a successful rock cover band was the only choice he could make.  Bringing an uncanny ability to learn everything in 2.5 hours, Gary continues the Tangent tradition of bass players who express a flamboyance on stage in both action & personality that ignite the crowds into a frenzy.  An honorable man who is devoted to those he loves, Gary knows what you did last summer because Ed Snowden told him.

Lenny Nayda
, Jersey born percussionist, learned his trade in the southwestern deserts of New Mexico.  Utilizing old rattlesnake skins stretched across clay pots crafted by the local Hopi Indians, Lenny started his first mariachi band in 1937.  He drove cross-country to attend band practice for the first four years he was with Tangent and then decided to relocate to Northern New Jersey where he could be closer to the cover band of his dreams.  Now his drive to practice only seems like an excursion.  He currently is an engineer in the nanotechnology sector of Dow Chemical’s North Jersey Headquarters; he is really smart.  A devoted father & loving husband, he’s an avid ornithologist who has focused his study mainly on the Gandy, a rare South African inflatable parrot.  The cheese fires you.  Slow down, it’s running away.

Terry McDonough
, was a Middletown guy.  Now he’s a Pennsylvania guy.  Just what we needed; another band member who wants to drive a half-hour or more to practice.  He’s also our piano / keyboard guy.  A gifted musician, Terry joined the band after it’s first gig.  That gig was a historic economic event for the band but he has failed to deliver like that since.  After graduating summa cum laude from the Rothschild School of Music in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Terry attempted his hand at llama farming and overnight delivery.  Although the two never amounted to much, the latter was the seed that was planted and grew into his current postal routes.  Hang on one moment while Terry gets ready for the next song
……..........   …………   ……………   ……………  ……………  ………   …………   ………  ……   …………………………
......O.K. he’s ready.  Thanks.  Where was I?  Oh, yes, Terrence.  Father, husband, postman, Nobel Laureate, Mr. McDonough is a man amongst men.  He secretly wishes to be a country music producer.

Cuban born Salvatore Decicco has been rolling cigars since the early 1950’s allowing him the dexterity necessary to become a guitar virtuoso.  He was able to emigrate to the US by laying underwater cable for AT&T, landing in Key West and playing the Smokey Gin Mill Circuit  as the “Bell Atlantic Music Experience”.  Upon the break-up of Ma Bell, this Lucent  American can now Telegraph his guitar solos with such ease it’s as if he can Telephone them in.  His knick name from Cuba (The Big Kahuna) just explains he’s Some Guy who loves his Broad and children.  The only issue he ever had was altitude sickness that makes him Hurl with Lee on a Mountain Highway.  Tangent rises above it all with Sal at the forefront.

There are places I remember........